June 8, 2010

New Medic Signing On

So, I'm a brand new medic at the age of 21 (Get it, Baby Medic? HA) been employed as a medic for 2 months, and working as a lone medic with a basic for a couple of weeks now. I've been contemplating doing a blog for a while now as I'm a fan of many blogs and podcasts such as Justin's HappyMedic, Jamie's MedicCast and Chris' EMS Garage (Don't know why I use their first names as I've never met these fellows...yet). I've always respected what they do for the EMS community and profession (yes, I said profession) and thought I'd try, even if failingly, to emulate what they do with my own awesome personality. (Egos... standard issue for Medics, right?)

And so this blog was born. I didn't initially think of doing it so early in my career, because at the moment I'm employed by a company in one of their IFT branches and didn't really think I'd see anything even remotely like what my 911 counterparts see. Man was I wrong. My company, a pretty (in)famous one, has contracts with nursing homes, clinics, and other places to provide pseudo-911 services to them as well. Infact these past couple of weeks I ran on an unresponsive head injury, a combatitve psych patient, a couple of MIs / Angina patients, and a critical care type transfer, just doing "transfers". Granted I still want to move to 911 ASAP, either with my current company or not, but it still keeps me interested.

I hope to regale some people in my adventures, worthwhile or not, and to just put my thoughts on this wonderful career in one place. If people enjoy it, great, if not, I just made you read my words anyway, so guess who won?!

Anyhow, enough with the introduction. I'll post my first true tale probably tomorrow, as for now, it's time to look up some drugs that confused the heck out of me yesterday.


  1. Good luck Linuss, and trust me, working IFT you'll see stuff to blog about.

    Welcome to the EMS blogosphere

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