July 21, 2010

Death, and Circumstances Surrounding It

I had another idea for a post on here since it's been a while, but alas life (or death) poked it's nose in and changed that plan.

I woke up this morning to a text message saying my grandma was in cardiac arrest and they were doing CPR. I got on the phone with my mom and found out which hospital. I got dressed in my Paramedic uniform and headed to the hospital (I was still expecting to go to work in a little bit anyhow, which is why I wore my uniform)

I get to the hospital and they bring me to a room where my parents and a chaplain already are. Chaplain states his presence doesn't mean she's dead, he's just there anyhow.

Doctor came in a little bit later, and gave the story. Apparently she coded this morning at a rehab facility, and FD brought her to the ER. He said after a few rounds of drugs and shocking her heart, they got a rhythm back, yet she was still unconscious. Right after stating that, his phone rang and he left the room. Came back a couple of minutes later and said she coded again and this time they couldn't get her back.

My parents, my siblings and I stayed there for about 4 hours, just soaking it in. I called in to work to get the day off. It wouldn't be fair to my patients for me to work today.

A few of the things surrounding this though made me think that God had a hand in it. I believe in God, but in the recent past I've had some questions of faith, not for anything in particular, but after today it made me reinstate my faith.

First is that my grandma is usually at a living facility 30 minutes away, but she just got sent to a rehab, 5 minutes from my parents house, just last Friday, making the trip to the hospital very short instead of a near 45 minute drive. On top of that, two of my aunts had been planning on coming down from Wisconsin to visit my Grandma tomorrow, and had been planning this trip anyway... it's just funny how it worked out to be the day after she died, so that they actually already had the week off.


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