July 15, 2010

Getting a Job in EMS

So one of my friends, Life of a Transport Jockey, just recently got a conditional offer by an ambulance provider for a job, which he has been looking for for a few months now since leaving his last one. (Good luck bro)

That got me thinking: I hate job searching as a new grad medic. You're fresh out of school, and sure places can mold you to the medic they want you to be, but you're still largely untested, which I can only assume is not a good thing when you have the responsibility level that being a Paramedic entails.

Now, yes, I do already have a job, and I do get some OK calls at it, but I honestly did not get in to EMS to do mainly BLS transports that, 99% of the time, do not need a Paramedic level response. Yes, I use it as a learning tool, and yes I know 911 still has the same "BS" calls as IFT has, but alas, in the 911 I HAVE done as a medic I actually feel like I'm making a difference, even if just slightly, and THAT is what I got in to EMS for. No, not the hero complex, but really just helping people.

Oh yes, and the money...

I guess my main problem is I don't want to move out of Texas, and the DFW area in particular, which limits the amount of 911 jobs that AREN'T Fire-based EMS.

The ONE thing that has kept me from getting with the local busy 911 that I've wanted to get on with since EMT school was the "I strongly agree / strongly disagree" type psych test. For some reason, the two times I've taken it at 2 different agencies, I failed it. Now how I fail a test like that I don't know, but at every other agency that had it I passed fine.

I'm going to stick with my current employer till around September/October when my 6 month probation is up, then apply to transfer to one of their Texas 911 branches. If unable, then I'll be moving.

My ultimate goal agency is Austin/Travis county EMS down in Austin... let's see if I can make it.

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