July 10, 2010

No, I Will NOT Move My Ambulance (Rant alert)

For the people that know me in my personal life, away from the Paramedic uniform, I'm an easy going, and yes, shy, guy.

But put that uniform on and my Type-A personality comes out to play. I've attributed it to the fact that I need to get done what has to be done for my patient, regardless of how it makes me look, so I'm a lot less shy when doing my job, which can end up irking a few people that prohibit me from doing my job.

I guess that's also partly to do with medic school where they pretty much beat in to you that YOU are the leader of patient care, and YOU have to get things done. Now, that doesn't mean I pull Paragod stuff on people or think I'm the best as I treat everyone, from ECAs to EMTs and nurses with respect, but I am not beyond putting my foot down, saying enough is enough, and being a bit brunt when it comes to MY patient, and MY patient care.

Last night I thought I'd pick up an OT shift just for some extra cash, so I was with an EMT I haven't been with before. Near the end of our shift we were called to a psych hospital (yes, THAT one) for a patient "with chest pain", and once we got there, the only place to park our ambulance was by pretty much blocking 1 of 2 entrances to the lot. Once at the patient, he said he felt "palpitations"(his word), he was noticeably short of breath, and a little diaphoretic.

I took him out to the ambulance to do the rest of my assessment, and was just starting my 12-lead when some strange person opened my back doors and told me to move. I told him I was with a patient and that I'd be moving once I got some things done, but he could go to the other exit... he closed the door.

A minute later, he opens the door again, this time flashing a physicans ID and demanding that I move my ambulance so he could leave and go to another hospital. This time, I was done being polite... I told him I was with a chest pain patient and that he will have to wait until I'm done, and "please shut my door".

That obviously didn't meld with his ideals, because he promptly went to one of the police officers that was in the parking lot and started throwing a fit. Luckily the cop had actually brought a piece of my equipment out to my truck for me, so he knew I was with a patient, and therefor wasn't hearing any of the complaints that "doctor" had to yell about.

I am fully expecting this guy to phone a complaint to my work, or if he knows my medical director, to complain to him. Bring it on.

I don't care who you are, I don't care what your professional title is, you do NOT tell me to move my ambulance, or do anything else, when I'm dealing with a patient. (Unless, of course, you're a cop, my supervisor, or my med control)

And on top of that, what kind of "physician" worth their title would dismiss a chest pain/shortness of breath patient just for some convenience?

Rant over.

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