September 23, 2010

Dropping a Patient

Nope. Never a good thing.

Even worse when you had no control over whether or not they were dropped. We had a bariatric patient yesterday, so 4 of us were handling the cot. I was at the head, where I like to be when I have a patient (lets me keep my eye on them). On unloading the cot from the ambulance, the person in control of the legs didn't lock them, and the cot went to the ground.

Luckily, the patient was strapped in all the way, and upon the landing, the other Paramedic and I made sure the patient suffered no injury... no body parts flying anywhere or getting caught in anything.

Got a call today on my day off, waking me up, from one of my supervisors wanting an incident report done. Apparently the patient went to the hospital today complaining of pain after the fall.

So, out of my control, yet I'll still probably get in trouble as well. Fantastic.