October 5, 2010

EMS Expo 2010

So, seeing as how I live in the DFW area of Texas, I was able to attend EMS Expo in Dallas last week. Loved it.

Got to meet many of the "more popular" medics in this industry such as Jamie Davis, Chris Montera and Kyle David Bates, along with the "Chronicles of EMS" creators, Thadeus Setla and Justin Schorr.

As odd as it sounds in our little community of EMS, I was star-struck. Those people are the ones that made me want to start this blog and get involved in the EMS 2.0 movement, and above all, make myself a better medic.

The expo itself had many cool exhibits, with new 'toys' I got to play around with, such as "high-def" laryngescope blades, video-laryngescopy, and the future of EVOC--- driving simulation.

If you ever get a chance to go to EMS Expo (Las Vegas next year) or any of the other EMS conventions, I'm sure, you'll have a great time.

Plus, free swag.

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