October 31, 2010

I'm Free!

So, finally after 6 months with my partner that would question my calls infront of patients ruining any trust they had in me, argue with me on the drugs we have (Saying that Narcan can reverse the effects of Marijuana...) and just not getting my awesome sense of humor:

I'm finally getting a new partner.

My old one is starting his Paramedic school internship (scary thought in and of itself) so as of right now I have no set partner and will just pickup whoever needs OT. Fine by me as I've worked with a few different people before when my partner was off for the shift and never had any qualms or problems with any of them. Should be fun.

But at the same time, I'm sending application after countless application out right now to agencies within a ~200ish mile radius looking for a 911 gig. As of right now, I wouldn't mind driving 2 hours to do a 24hr shift. Wish me luck on the job hunt.

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