December 29, 2010

And the White Cloud Continues

Yup, I'm what we in EMS call a "white cloud". I went all through EMT school, all through medic school, all through my Paramedic clinicals, and on up until my second to last shift as a Paramedic intern before I had my first cardiac arrest. And I was working in Dallas...

Well, this has continued on to my new 911 agency. County of over 60,000, 5 trucks covering it, and my worst call to date is an unconscious diabetic.

We've been called to multiple MVCs with rollovers... one with "entrapment". On arrival, the patients were all walking around refusing to be seen, and the one entrapment was a drivers puppy dog that refused to come out of the wreck.

But you look over at the two other trucks that share my station, and they've gone on ACTUAL MVCs with entrapment, motorcycle vs autos, and stuff of that nature, every day. I'm lucky if I get a couple legit 911 calls in a shift and not any of the "I've had a stomach ache for 3 weeks, nothings changed but I want to go to the ER at 3am." calls.

I worked with an EMT the other week who stated each of the last 12 shifts they've had patients that they've had to intubate.... 12 patients in one month. She was SURE we would get one that day. We didn't. We slept all night.

Granted I'm not wanting anyone to get hurt. Just the opposite actually. But as a new medic, and one still in FTO, I technically NEED the 'good' calls so I can get the experience, and get cleared from field training to go on my own.

As one of my preceptors in EMT school said: People are going to get sick and hurt no matter what. We might as well be there to help them.

The other trucks are getting the bad calls, so the calls are obviously happening, just not on my truck.

Oh well, be careful what you wish for, right? I'll probably get a 30 car pile-up this weekend during my 48hr shift...

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