February 21, 2011

First Week Down

Whelp, first week down as a lone Paramedic doing rural 911... and I didn't kill anyone! Score.

Really no major calls, though had one that was a possible brain bleed after a fall with slurred speech and was lethargic. Went straight to CT at the hospital and doc walked up to me later stating it was negative for a bleed. Patient ended up being held in neuro for observation.

Have a good partner who does well and helps. Good crews at the station. Only down side is the mandated shift that I have coming up at a station 3 hours away...

February 12, 2011

Scary Times

Well, I got cleared this last Monday to work on my own as a Paramedic, with 'only' an EMT backing me up.

Took 3 weeks of academy and 2 months of ride outs, but I'm on my own, and scared beyond belief.

I'm 45+ minutes from the closest hospital, with HEMS 20 minutes away AFTER lift-off, and all I have to rely on is my education, my intuition, and my partner.

Exactly what I spent 2 years in school for!

February 4, 2011

What The Heck, Texas?

So, Monday we had 3" of ice on the roads. It took me 6.5 hours to drive home after my 24hr shift (I work 2 hours away)

Today (Friday) we already had 2" of snow at 7am, and expect to get a total of 7".

Crappy part? I work Saturday, and again on Monday, which means I probably won't be coming home Sunday. Grr.

Oh well, I'm nearing the end of my FTO, finally, and apparently am scheduled to do my captain ride next Saturday, which is the final ride required before being let loose with just my EMT partner as help on calls.