April 3, 2011

Pain Control

Guess what? If you don't care about even attempting to help a patients pain, you are not a good provider, you never will be, and anyone who says you are is sadly mistaken.

I give Fentanyl multiple times a week for people in pain. My view is if I was in pain, I'd want it gone. Just last week I gave a pretty big dose of Fentanyl and some Ativan for a tib/fib fracture.

My relief medic on the shift after me has the opposite views, and she has actually BOASTED that while I had given Fent 3 times in a single day, she gave it MAYBE 3 times in the past year.

You just can't get through to some people.

1 comment:

  1. I too am a strong advocate for pain relief. In fact, in the short month that I have been a medic, I have pushed morphine (we don't carry fent just yet) twice. My shift leader said, (also bragging) " I've been a medic for two years and have never pushed morphine ever. You had better be careful!" After listening to him go over his redickulous reasoning why he doesn't offer pain relief, including short transport times, pain Med seekers, how difficult it is to replace, ect, I said, how long do you think my pt would be sitting in the er before the doc managed to come by and order the pain meds, then how long for the nurse to notice he put in the order then how long before she has the time to draw it up and then finally administer it? Three hours? Four? And if that was your grandmother lying there in excruciating pain, would you be OK with that? Or would you rather the medic in the squad push morphine so that she could get the rest she so despritely needs right now? Even if it means they have to go out of their way to do so? I would much rather err on the side of relieving someones pain. Plus that is such a tangible reward to see a persons entire demenor change when that drug flows through their system and you can see their muscles slowly relax and the look of relief spread across their face.