June 2, 2011

Texas Ants are meaner than Nebraskan ants!

Yeesh.. a month long enough between posts? Been pretty busy at work, but thought I'd start again.

So anyhow, the 1 in a million call happened a couple of weeks ago, and is one of those calls that you join EMS for, and make all the other... non-legit... calls worth it.

We were initially sent to a local nursing home for a low priority call (patient pulled stitches out or something) so we started heading that way, when we heard another truck from our station get dispatched for an MVC... literally around the corner from the nursing home we were headed to. We jumped on that call instead, since we were closer and it was a higher priority call.

We arrive to find a head on collision in a neighborhood of two vehicles. When all was said and done, the only injury was a cut to one of the driver's knees, and they ended up getting arrested for DUI. We took a bit longer on scene than usual because the patient couldnt decide if they wanted to go to the hospital or not, so a 15 minute call took nearly an hour. Here's the amazing thing.

As we were about to leave and I was telling one of the officers we were headed out, one of the firefighter/first-responders yelled he needed help. I looked up and saw he was walking one of the tow-truck drivers to my ambulance. Turns out the driver was hooking up one of the cars when ants started to crawl up their arm and bite them ... to which they started having a reaction... and boy do I mean a reaction.

Urticaria, severe swelling of the arm/face/lips, obvious trouble breathing with wheezes /stridor easily audible, lethargic, nausea and vomitting. I quickly drew up some Epi and gave it IM, followed rapidly by an IV with Benadryl, Solu-Medrol, Pepcid and Albuterol. After a few short (but seemingly long) minutes, the patient made an obvious improvement.

During the transport, the patient asked what I gave them, to which I responded "Epinephrine... adrenaline".

They responded, "Damn, you should sell that on the streets, that _____ is better than heroin!"

It's amazing to think, had we left sooner and gone back to the station, what could have happened. Without a doubt, we had saved a life, and the doctor at the hospital told the patient as much. These calls don't happen often, but man when they do, they make it worth it.

I wonder if this means if my car breaks down, I get a free tow?

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  1. Way to go! Love it when a plan comes together!